Execrable: Lila

Lila (1968)
Directed by Sanford White
Written by William Rotsler, Sanford White
Produced by Sanford White, Harry H. Novak
Starring Susan Stewart, Steve Vincent, James Brand, Vic Lance, Stuart Lancaster
Ignited by her distaste for fruits and vegetables in the stupor of maddening acid trips, a sweetly stunning go-go dancer (Stewart) seduces sleazeballs in her father's warehouse with sultry dancing to her plodding theme song ere sloppily slaying them with a screwdriver and meat cleaver. Novak's first sexploitation hit is far more funny than sexy, its daft, stiffly delivered dialogue (replete with hippie lingo) boosted by invariably cheesy acting. To compensate for his story's scanty and incoherent plot -- in which a pair of loquacious detectives (Vincent, Brand) investigate these macabre murders with no headway whatsoever until their receipt of a single tip during the flick's last ten minutes -- White shot bountiful footage of nubile ladies (whose writhings are mere similitudes of what our species terms dancing) constituting approximately 60% of the movie's content. Further temporization was interposed as an extradiegetic scene scored with syrupy, neo-romantic orchestral music, in which a go-go bar's managing barkeep makes tender, protracted love to one of his aspiring dancers. White's perfunctory style arouses zero eros, tension or excitement during the critical enthrallments and contiguous executions, and banal effects (patterned projections, whirling multihued lights, space echo) image our murderess's addled perspective to embellish these sequences half so much as Stewart's sillily clipped diction and goofy accent. It fails as a crime drama, psychedelic romp or softcore porn, but stag aficionados who appreciate the comedy of its stilted elocution will savor every jiggling gyration and botched line of White and Novak's cult crap classic.

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  1. HAHAHAAA YAY! :D Even though she dances like a retard, she jiggles normally because she doesn't take birth control pills :> HA! :D