Mediocre: The Babysitter's Seduction

The Babysitter's Seduction (1996)
Directed by David Burton Morris
Written by Shirley Tallman, Nancy Hersage
Produced by Gideon Amir, Richard Maynard
Starring Keri Russell, Stephen Collins, Phylicia Rashad, Tobin Bell, John D'Aquino, Linda Kelsey, Arian Ash
Mutual attraction and the lure of luxuriant life incites a romantic complexion in the position of a pretty, teenage babysitter (Russell) hired by a wealthy widower (Collins) in the months after his wife's supposed suicide, but her first, full tastes of love and opulence are disturbed by the entrenchments of a police detective (Rashad) and the late spouse's lover (D'Aquino), whose suspicions of uxoricide inspire her own. Able direction, production design and leads fortify this conventional thriller for teevee, which amuses adequately before descending into diverting depravity in its third act and half-hour. Rashad's dully perfunctory performance may disappoint Cosby fans, and as a fellow inspector, Bell vocalizes a progressive rasp as ridiculous as the flick's ruinous end, but this is essential for Russell's remaining fans, and doubly creepy in light of Collins opprobrium; a few of his lines seem baited for the attribution of pedophilic double entendres! Recline with a box of plonk and enjoy, ladies.
Recommended for a double feature paired with A Wife's Nightmare.

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